Ride Honda's reliable design exercise, New Motorcycle 4

Our 2015 Honda NM4 is now available for immediate rent via Riders-Share and Twisted Road.

This is a very comfortable, very reliable NM4, with advanced automatic Dual Clutch Transmission, part batmobile, part Darth Vader, part Transformer, part Akira, the motorcycle from Ghost In The Machine

Passenger pillion seat becomes easychair backrest with multiple positions.

If there is a passenger, passenger will rave about comfortable seat and great view. My wife loves that she can see over my helmet. This particular bike has the optional passenger backrest and rack unit.

It's in San Francisco, Nob Hill (main hotel district), easy walking distance from North Beach, Chinatown, Financial District, just a mile from BART and SOMA, two miles from but terminal or Caltrain. BART serves SFO and OAK airports, and Caltrain serves SJC. Any of the above connect to Amtrak trains.

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